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You are here to find out what we are working on at the minute! 



Lydia is currently on tour with Cirque du Soleil's OVO. 

She is working as Artistic Director and will be touring Europe for the next year. 



Lydia directed the 2nd years in their Ensemble show at the National Centre of Circus Arts. 

In a world in which each city runs to different laws of time and relativity, what becomes important to hold onto?

We have had an absolutely amazing time taking the worlds and ideas from Einstein’s Dreams, turning them on their end and using that as a starting point to create circus.

Relativity explores what it means to love, lose and live within a framework of a lonely scientist trying to make sense of the world.

Energy + motion = Emotion!

Relativity - Greta Zabulyte-253.jpg


Lydia is Co-Director and Circus Director of Extraordinary Bodies' new show Delicate. 

Four different bodies collide. A show about how things need to fall apart before they can fall into place.

Their lives are different, but one thing unites them: they’re frustrated with their bodies changing, ageing, breaking, no longer obeying. Outraged that they can’t override this. They climb, hang, balance, slide, collapse, hold and hug. They examine marks life has left on their bodies. In the background, fragments of film and audio mirror these marks in the wounds inflicted on our planet.

Information about the show can be found here.

Information about tour dates and tickets can be found here. 

Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 17.06.04.png

Devolution Evolution

For 3 years Lydia has been a part of Tangled Feet's project Devolution Evolution as an associate artist. 

This year she is headed back to Luton Shopping Mall to create a clowning, physical theatre show in a shop window. 

Last year she created To A Cummulus and the year before made a short dance film about mental health, self reliance and moments of change. 

Pictures of To A Cummulus can be found HERE

The dance film can be watched HERE

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